What is the “Fair Usage Policy?”

Disclaimer: There has been little official confirmation from Airtel about the “Fair Usage Policy” (FUP), and the information given below may be inaccurate / subject to change.  We advise you to contact Airtel on your own accord, and ask them to furnish you with complete details about the new policy.

While details are sketchy, as Airtel has not been the most forthcoming about the details about the “Fair Usage Policy” (FUP), Here is the policy as published by Airtel on their website:

As of date, there is no definite confirmation from Airtel as to which regions the FUP applies to. Users in South India have reported slower speeds purportedly due to the FUP. However, as Airtel has not made any claims to the contrary, we will have to work on the assumption that this is intended to be a nation-wide policy.

Is Airtel Fair Usage Policy implemented in your city?