Tata Indicom Photon+ Express Wireless Broadband Service has a fair usage limit of 15GB on unlimited packs!

Tata Indicom has now applied a fair usage limit of 15GB on the unlimited package offered on their Photon+ Express Wireless Broadband Service.

This service is available in few areas. It promises speeds of up to 3.1 mbps (download).

Update: The limits seem to be different for different region. So, check before you place an order for it.

This image is from the Chennai page:

Tata Indicom Photon+ Express Wireless Broadband Service has a fair usage limit of 15GB on unlimited packs!

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24 thoughts on “Tata Indicom Photon+ Express Wireless Broadband Service has a fair usage limit of 15GB on unlimited packs!

  1. Meherdad

    How can they even term something so unfair in that way.
    15gb per Month!!!
    Airtel started this menace and now these corporate illiterates like Reliance, Tata are following suit, Instead of making broadband free for all and economical so as to spread it deeper across India these dumbos are introducing such stupid plans and making the customers pay through their nose. So Long to the saviour Wimax, turned out to be worse the the worst.

  2. Gav

    What crap is this man !! this is so unfair.. you’re giving an unlimited plan for usage.. then u make it look like its all down to limited ??!! 15gb is not unlimited.. its as good as limited.. and i think TATA needs to rethink the issue. with the unlimited as it is being about 1250 pm, i dont think the 15gb wil apply to good usage terms. please !!

  3. Veera

    This is height of dishonesty & even TATA’s are into this scamming now,No where in the dumb pamphlets they distributed this is mentioned, not even between the lines or in small print, I purchased this because of the TATA brand and i am very much disappointed in this, TATA”s are turning out to be the biggest scamsters even out manuvering the reliance bandhas, even the speed is very bad, i have never seen it cross 140 kb and most of the times it is at 0 kb disconnected state & the lesser said about the customer care the better, the Automated IVRS expects you to give a 10 digit which you dont have for Internet devices, there is no way you can lodge a complaint, which is a prerequisite for taking this to consumer court.
    rather than coming up with fancy marketing crap HSIA[joke??], its advaisable Indicom first strengthens the Infrastructure to support Wireless broadband access.
    If you are a new buyer reading this, think 100 times before even thinking of buying this Chinese gadgets being sold under the TATA brand name.

  4. Prasad Jadhav

    You are really true. There should be a strict rule to check for their products before getting in to the market. They just can’t make the customers fools by showing attractive Adds.

  5. Harsha

    Oh! i was using BSNL broadband. it does not works in our area. You know the pathetic service offered by BSNL. i gave a lot of complaints to no avail. Finally, i disconnected.
    I am looking for a broadband connection nothing [Tata Photon [Plus or minus?] or Reliance broadband+ ] seems to be ok. Airtel is the fraudster, i dont want to even think of taking Airtel connection. for your information, I defer to call my friend if he is using Airtel connection.

    What you guys suggest ? or is there no such internet service provider who offers good service, uninterrupted connection and charges for what has been really used?

    1. mitraj

      hi, i m mitraj.
      i have been using idea data card which provides 236kbps internet speed with monthly rent of Rs.660 including taxes per month for UNLIMITED PLAN. I M QUITE SATISFIED WITH SERVICES.

  6. vijay

    All these companies(TATA,RELIANCE) are just trying to fool the customers.
    They are charging more that the actual usage.
    But then where will the customer go.
    These companies should be punished for these things

  7. Sreekanth

    TATA Indicom Photon+ connection is very very costly. The basic plan for 500 INR rental will need you to pay them money in loads every now and then, since the credit limit is too low.
    Planning to surrender the connection and take a fixed one, other than a wireless connection.

  8. VJ

    In spite of having a horrible experience a few years back with TATA INDICOM, I once again nearly got sucked-in by TATA’s PHOTON+ lucrative Advertisement, making real big promises. But many thanks to VEERA, who posted her comment above on April 13, 2009, I changed my mind at the very last moment to buy a PHOTON+ for myself. I have a MTNL Broadband connection and it provides the best speed among all ISPs operating in India. However, I am a little disappointed that despite being an Undertaking and having appropriate funds and Govt. backup they are not competing aggressively enough with these unethical and unprofessionally run corporate houses. Honestly speaking, Reliance and Airtel were never really renowned for being customer friendly but unfortunately, of late, Tatas have also joined this bandwagon. So, watch out guys and think 1000 times before you buy a product of these companies.

  9. Sumithra

    I need an contact no to buy an TATA Indicom Photon Wireless Broadband Service. Can I have an contact number please.

  10. Prosenjit Das

    15gb is nothing but a capping (guidelines provided by TRAI only), so it’s not for TATA, RELIANCE or BSNL, any company having Data connection should have some capping. maximum average usage of a customer of India is 12 GB, and that’s why we called it unlimited.

  11. RKPanicker

    I have a Tata Photon connection. After two months the unit does not work. Impossible to get proper connection for reporting. The local office washes hands saying that I have to contact the company which is un-reachable. When click the Huawei access there is an error 678message.
    Cannot imagine this is the great Tata company. RKPanicker, Int’l Food and Nutrition and Nutraceutical Specialist,
    C-22, Ashoka, Marine Drive,
    Ernakuklam, Cochin, Kochi-682 031.
    Phone – 91-9447379773/9446693894
    Email < k_panicker@yahoo.com >

  12. RKPanicker

    This not meant for publication I cannot get some one to speak to and hence I wrote. Tata company will not like some one airing the nonsense happening with their service. Niether do I have any motives! RKPanicker. photon connection reference 9288049175. This failed less than two months after purchase and no one cares to attend to my p[roblem. The errors number is 678 when I try to log on to the photon prepaid connection.

  13. bas

    The TATA photon + always shows “csrss.exe- No disk There is no disk inthe drive.please insert a disk into drivedeviceharddisk1DR6″

    please tell how to solve

  14. nagaraju

    Dear Sir,

    Iam not much using yours facility because of very very poor speed, In
    speed test photon+ speed was 0.45 which was very low when compare with
    Indian standard speed down load and up load. In this regard i have
    complained several times through mail as well as directly at Tata
    Indicom office, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore City, Tamil Nadu. I have a
    good regard about TATA comapanies and organizations, but i forced to
    reconsider it and give suggestions to others about high speed Tata
    Photon+ performance and service negligence.



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