Airtel announces 16Mbps Plans. Consumers collectively Yawn.

In an attempt apparently to try to recoup some of its ever-sagging reputation, (as per news reports) Airtel has introduced / will be introducing, and is advertising new plans with 16Mbps speeds. But don’t get too excited. Unfortunately the plan comes with a crushing rider – Data download limits, being 20GB (Rs. 2,999 p.m.) and 50GB (Rs. 4,999 p.m.) (not inclusive of taxes). Yes… you read that right – 20GB and 50GB. For your convenience here’s a quick calculation (All figures approximate):

Please note that the above calculations apply if you are only downloading!! If you are uploading at the same time, then the time taken can be substantially less. (However as the upload speed of these plans have not yet been announced, we cannot comment on the same).

In short, this is like selling a Ferrari but with a condition that you can only drive 20km in a month. Our opinion in short: pointless and obnoxious… just like the FUP.

Checkout: Airtel 16mbps Plan costs 3600 rupees per hour

12 thoughts on “Airtel announces 16Mbps Plans. Consumers collectively Yawn.

  1. Kshitij Sinha

    They can introduce N number of plans if they want. As long as FUP of any sort is in action, their customer base will keep reducing with a *yawn*

  2. Ishan Dixit

    Airtel is crazy .What do they think ? what is the purpose of 16 mbps SPEED if downloading is confined to 20 GB?

  3. Dip29

    Hehehe ,
    They don’t have the common sense or they are thinking they can sell it like when mobile technology was launched eg. Rs 20 for incoming.
    But they can’t make customer fool this time :) .

  4. ShAnKeY

    What a Big shock *eek* 16Mbps *yawn*
    They think internet is for checking mails and watching videos on youtube.

  5. prabhat

    Let us fight it together… Take them to court.. bring media into this and the buggers will get it straight…


    Yeah .. *yawn*.. why even put a limit on download.. TRAI should come in and save the day. the ad is lame too.. *impatience is the new life* my ass..

  7. tt

    they should make this plan unlimited at this price or atleast start giving 1,2 or 4 Mbps unlimited below 1000 Rs, limited data transfer plans r just a waste and r of no use to most of internet users, True broadband is only when there is no broadband cap and everything is unlimited, India still ranks 115th at internet speed and is far behind the developed world,shame on india, they should start giving high speed internet and stop giving limited plans,make it unlimited

  8. Biswadeep Mishra

    I dont need that much speed to check mails…i can check mails at 2MBPS also…

    fordownloading, i need the speed, but with this limit, its impossible…forget it…
    and look at the price…funny indeed…and yes, they dont allow businedd connections on these plans !!

  9. Aditya

    This is the Most Stupid Plan they Can Com Up with Who Gives Idea’s To these Plans Are they Good At Studying the Markey If Someone is Paying 3000Rs For a 16mbps Connection Sure he is a Download King 20Gb will breakdown in No time as the calculation Show.Damn!! Airtel Needs Some Experts In making the New Plans.

  10. kanchan

    Really what a shit……… ???
    who do they think they are?
    they think we need more speed just for surfing …… well then they don,t have right to be the ISP ….


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